About Us

The Company

Remotian is a high technology solution provider. We specialise in using the latest technology to improve your building's efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our offices are in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

We only supply high quality products that you can rely upon. This doesn't have to be expensive and long-term it will save you money. We strive to be so innovative that our solutions pay for themselves in under two years.

Our products are always simple to use. We believe technology should do all the work. We also provide comprehensive technical support direct from the system designers not just a call centre operator.

All our products are manufactured to exceed the ISO9001:2008 quality standard.

Remotian meets all statutory and regulatory requirements that pertain to our business.

All Remotian solutions are designed to meet all relevant Health & Safety and environmental legislation.

Where possible our solutions are designed to accommodate disability and accessibility issues for operators (such as colour blindness and dyslexia).

All supplied equipment is designed with End-of-Life consideration and compliant with RoHS and WEEE Regulations. Re-use and recycling is considered at all stages of design.

The very nature of the solutions we provide are green, providing efficiency improvements and a reduction in carbon footprint for all our customers.


The People

Our team has experience not only designing solutions but also in product development. This means we understand how the system works - we don't just bolt it together.

Everyone is dedicated to doing things properly to make sure your system works perfectly and is delivered promptly.

Our Objectives

We aim to:

Supply high quality, high reliability systems that provide exceptional value for money.

Be a lean and efficient organisation in order to offer the best service and price to our customers.

Operate professionally and courteously at all times.

Exceed customer expectations with our levels of quality, service and technical support.


Remotian quality procedures exceed ISO9001:2008. Every process and procedure is tightly controlled with ongoing continuous improvement.

Our all-encompassing Quality Management System means that everything we supply will work perfectly and if for some reason beyond our control it does not we'll be able to replace it efficiently and quickly.



At Remotian we believe that our success is highly dependent on the quality and performance of our people. This understanding determines how we hire, develop and retain talented individuals who will enable us to achieve our tactical and strategic goals.

We provide challenging and rewarding career opportunities within a highly respected company that will enable you to use your expertise and build on your existing talents.

If you wish to be considered for a future position at Remotian please email your full CV with a covering email describing why you’d like to work for Remotian and what you can offer us to the email address below.