Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System Control Panel. 

  • Automatic test scheduling and retries for up to 1000 emergency lights. 
  • Automatic storage of all test records. 
  • Summaries and monthly reports in PDF format. 
  • The Control Panel generates its own Wi-Fi network. 
  • The Control Panel is operated from your phone, tablet or laptop using direct Wi-Fi. 
  • No special software or app required. 
  • Does not require Internet access. 
  • Can be accessible on your internal company network using a wired Ethernet connection. 
  • Can be made remotely accessible over the Internet. 
  • Data storage for 1000 emergency lights for over 100 years. 
  • 100 - 240V AC, 1.75W typical.
Each Miresa system requires one Control Panel. 
Miresa Control Panel dimensions

Miresa Control Panel

  • Brand: Remotian
  • Product Code: FP-001-CP-1-X
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