Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System wirelessly tested Retrofit Module. 

Converts an existing LED or tube emergency light into a wirelessly tested emergency light. 

  • 2.4 – 12 V battery (light dependent). 
  • External LED indicator drive. 
  • 220 – 240 VAC 1.5 A rating. 

Type A and Type B Retrofit Modules need to be alternated so emergency lighting is still provided even if a power failure occurs immediately following a test. 

A Retrofit Module can also act as a Repeater in the exceptional circumstances that part of the emergency lighting system needs to be situated out of radio range from the core system. This is simply done by providing 12 VDC power to the Retrofit Module and a wire link across two terminals.  Whether the Retrofit Module is a Type A or B does not matter for Repeater operation. 

Miresa Retrofit Module dimensions

Miresa Retrofit Module Type A

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