Retrofit Modules

Not all emergency lights are single, self contained units.  For example recessed modular office lights will be converted to emergency lights by the installation of a conversion pack and battery.

The Miresa RM (Retrofit Module) sits between the emergency light module and both AC power and battery, converting the emergency light into an automatically tested Miresa emergency light (with the  Retrofit Module fitted in the ceiling void or light chassis).

As a Miresa emergency light it will automatically test each month and annually to comply with all legal regulations and wirelessly send the test results to the Control Panel.

The modules are compatible with both LED lights and fluorescent tubes.

Remotian Retrofit Modules are compatible with lights that use NiCad and NiMH batteries but not Lithium-Ion batteries.

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Miresa Retrofit Module

Miresa Retrofit Module

Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System wirelessly tested Retrofit Module. Conver..

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