Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System

If you have emergency lighting in your building then by law (in the UK & Europe) it has to be tested every month.

Miresa does this for you, it's:

  • Completely wireless
  • Fully automatic
  • Self testing
  • Low cost
  • Discrete

Miresa works in any building. The intelligent communication is designed in such a way a 10 storey building with 1000 lights just needs a single control panel. There is no need for multiple control panels or repeater panels. The built-in radios are powerful enough to have a 1km range or penetrate walls and ceilings. The system is sophisticated enough to be able to test emergency lighting in lifts. It is the ultimate self test system.

Email notifications and PDF reports

By default, and automatically, the system generates a PDF report every month. These are stored in the Control Panel and available for viewing or download using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

If you connect your Control Panel to an Ethernet network then the Control Panel can also send email notifications and monthly reports to as many recipients as you wish.

Wireless communications to the lights

  • No additional wiring over the mains supply to the lights
  • No site survey required
  • No radio licence is required
  • Miresa is immune to interference unlike most 433MHz and 868MHz radio based systems
  • Miresa operates a true frequency agile mesh radio network so the control panel does not have to be in the middle of the system
  • Each emergency light just needs to be within radio range of one other emergency light
  • Miresa will automatically select the optimum frequency and channel during installation

Automatic operation

Once installed the system will automatically test your emergency lighting as prescribed by the various UK and European standards and archive all the test results.  If a fault is found in an emergency light during a routine test a red LED will flash and a sounder in the Control Panel will activate, only at this point does someone need to log in to the Control Panel, and if someone can't log in immediately there is a silence button on the Control Panel.

The system is even considerate enough not to start the fault sounder during the night (when the tests are typically conducted).

If there is a fault in an emergency light the specific light will be identified along with an indication of the nature of the fault (bulb, battery or charging).

Unlike conventional self-test emergency lighting all the tests are fully coordinated so that the building remains safe and unlike individual self-testing emergency lights there is no need to walk round and record all the results - this is done for you. There simply is no comparison between a Miresa system and conventional self-testing lights, except perhaps that the individual lights are around the same cost.

Easy to use Wi-Fi user interface

  • The Miresa Control Panel has a simple intuitive user interface that any authorised person can access on their smartphone
  • It works with iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets as well as laptops and PC's
  • Apple, Android or Windows it doesn't matter. Miresa is extremely easy to use, like visiting a website

Remote access if you want

  • Miresa will operate perfectly without an internet connection but can also be connected to a building Ethernet network using a standard RJ45 network lead
  • Once connected to an Ethernet network the system status can be checked and test records downloaded across the network
  • If desired access can be provided remotely across the web allowing a building to be checked at anytime from a phone, tablet or PC anywhere in the world
  • There is no extra cost for remote access; it just needs configuring

No IT, ICT or network specialists required

  • Miresa doesn't need any specialist IT or networking skills, IT hardware or wiring
  • No complex configuration
  • Installation is plug-and-play, just turn it on
  • Miresa doesn't need Internet access so it can work in remote locations
  • Miresa doesn't need existing WiFi to be present or available

There are no on-going service, website, cloud or data hosting fees.

Compliance with standards and regulations

Miresa exceeds the requirements of EN 62034:2012 and is fully compliant with BS 5266 -1:2011, EN 50172:2004, BS 5266-8:2004, IEC 61347-2-7:2009, IEC 61347-2-11:2009, BS EN 60598-1:2015, BS EN 60598-2-22:2014, IEC 61547.

Miresa is designed and built to standards that exceed ISO 9001:2008.

Miresa uses low power LED lights that reduce your company's carbon footprint and enhance your green credentials.

*the Miresa system can support more than 1000 lights per Control Panel but there are some constraints. The communication channel becomes congested, and less reliable, if there are more than 120 lights’ within direct radio range of each other.


Miresa Control Panel

Miresa Control Panel

Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System Control Panel.  Automatic test sched..

£446.69 Ex VAT

Miresa LED Exit Sign

Miresa LED Exit Sign

Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System wirelessly tested emergency exit sign. Lo..

£102.60 Ex VAT

Miresa LED Bulkhead

Miresa LED Bulkhead

Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System wirelessly tested emergency LED bulkhead light..

£87.21 Ex VAT

Miresa Retrofit Module

Miresa Retrofit Module

Miresa Automatic Wireless Emergency Light Test System wirelessly tested Retrofit Module. Conver..

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