What do I Need?

A Miresa system comprises:

  • the Control Panel that shows the status of the system
  • the Miresa emergency lights that test themselves and report in to the Control Panel

Each system requires one Control Panel and this will wirelessly communicate with up to 1000 emergency lights.

The Miresa emergency lights and Retrofit Modules need to be installed in alternating A, B order (A, B, A, B etc.). The two types are tested on alternate weeks of the month. This ensures emergency lighting is still provided even if a power failure occurs immediately following a test. No special precautions or risk assessments are therefore necessary with regard to the emergency lighting.

The corridors of light that keep escape routes lit provide RF corridors for the Miresa system to communicate. This means a legally complaint emergency light installation will not require any special consideration for the installation of a Miresa Emergency Light Test System.

The Control Panel requires AC power and the emergency lights are installed as normal.

When purchasing a system ensure you are as close as possible to an even number of Type A and Type B units (whether that's lights or Retrofit Modules) to allow for the alternating A, B order during installation.

No special equipment is required for installation.